Sweet Darlin’

I’m easing my way back into my furniture makeovers after the injury I incurred while I was resting my weary eyes.  Yep, you read that right.  I really screwed myself up from da da da dum…


If I wasn’t aware that my body is aging, I definitely am now.  I was feeling up to a small project (yep, I’m 32 going on 80) and I thought this little end table would be a great way to ease back into things.  I ended up painting her a nice cheery yellow…Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Arles was exactly what this sweet darlin’ needed.

I was planning on keeping her one solid color, but I couldn’t restrain myself from using my trusty sandpaper to allow that dark stain to peek through.

It is hard to tell in the before pic, but the original stain was atrocious.  It looked very “plasticy”, not to mention, it was completely uneven.  The finish was peeling, chipping and just a plain mess.

The yellow paint took this eyesore and transformed her into a head turner.

Don’t you love that?  Any of you out there have any furniture that is yellow?  This is a first for me!