Stenciled Walls: Parlor Lace Stencil (Royal Design Studio)

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Ever since seeing this Fornasetti’ Faces Wallpaper in our hotel’s closet during our last trip out to Las Vegas, I knew that I wanted to have some sort of pattern on the walls when I re-did our closet at home. Wallpaper was out of the question since I wanted to keep the makeover as low cost as possible. Low cost, high impact was the theme of this makeover. I wanted something a bit more feminine, but I didn’t want Sam to feel completely out of place when he walked into this space. The answer showed up one day on my favorite source of social media, Instagram, from Royal Design Studio…they were debuting their new lace stencils and I was hooked. It was exactly what I was wanting.  And I love that it totally gives the appearance of wallpaper, but is soooo much cheaper. You are out the stencil, the paint and a little bit of time. Totally worth it in my book.


I chose navy and white as the colors for the stencil to avoid it being too girly.


Once, I had the closet empty, I painted the walls with two coats of Simply White by Benjamin Moore.


And after 24 hours, it was time to stencil in the design with Benjamin Moore’s A New York State of Mind.


I used a small paint roller with a 1/4 inch nap made specifically for smooth surfaces to apply the paint.  It worked great and I never had any problems with any areas leaking around the stencil…not to mention it took no time to cover the stencil with paint.


These stencils from Royal Design Studio are incredible…they are sturdy and have little markers along the edges to help you line up the design as you are covering the wall.  After pulling the actual stencil off the wall, I would let the paint dry for about 10 minutes to avoid the risk of smearing the wet paint.  It was a multi-taskers dream.  I would go in and paint a stencil, set a 10 minute timer and go fold laundry, clean up, or get something else done around the house.


I would say it took approximately 5-6 hours in total time to stencil the whole closet over a period of a weekend.


After, I had this wall completed, I really had a moment where I didn’t want to put the shelving or clothes back in.  It was so stunning and crisp…I didn’t want to cover it up.  It would look fabulous as an accent wall or as panels on a large wall.


I was a little nervous when it came time to do the corners, but the stencils are so flexible that it made it a breeze.


I just made sure to hold the stencil tight while I was covering it along the corner…I had no problems.


As you can see in the pic above, there is a gap between the top and the ceiling and Royal Designs Studio is on top of it.  With some of their designs, including this Parlor Lace one, they also include a free ceiling filler stencil element so you can easily complete the pattern to your ceiling.


I am so happy with this stencil in our closet makeover.  If you missed the reveal post, be sure to go check it out.  And check out Royal Design Studio, too…they have SO MANY stencils to choose from and all the supplies you would need to transform your wall, piece of furniture or even fabric or rug.  Their portfolio is huge…I’m sure you will find some inspiration for your next project!


*Royal Design Studio provided me with the Parlor Lace Stencil to review.  All opinions are 100% mine.