Create Your Ultimate Home with Stanley Furniture This Labor Day

There are not many furniture manufacturers that have been able to stand the test of time, but Stanley Furniture’s 93-year history is a testimony to the true American values they are built on which are work ethic, craftsmanship, and integrity. All the furniture items that carry the Stanley name have striking designs, artisan finishes and boasts superior quality. This Labor Day, we are celebrating the institution that is Stanley Furniture by helping you create 5 of their most popular looks.

#1: European Farmhouse

Reminiscent of a simple country lifestyle filled with family and friends, this range looks like it was collected by its owners over many happy years. The European Farmhouse range is made with Dutch white cedar and ash burl veneer. All the pieces have exquisite detailing like scalloped edges and hand-rubbed iron. The items are rugged and look like they have been passed down from one generation to the next while being lovingly cared for with natural wax and buffed to a gloss. This unique range has been made to resemble an eclectic mix of finds, thereby appearing to have been thrown together.

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#2: Transitional

Transitional furniture finds an elegant midway between old-world charm and modern chrome and glass. The items offer a modern take on classic design by being slick while focussing on finer details. Craftsmen have painstakingly adorned these pieces with rich details like bent drawer fronts, intense wood finishes and, delicate hardware.

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 #3: Preserve

The Preserve Collection gives a nod to timeless European design. With hand painted and hand stained finishes these furniture pieces create an inviting interior. The range has bedroom, dining room and living room furniture and rooms can be complemented with beautiful rugs to finish the look. A soft palette of orchid and lamb’s ear with tarnished nickel and subtle textures are both elegant and contemporary.

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#4: Crestaire

A stunning contemporary range with slick lines and elegant touches, Crestaire is for someone not afraid to show their personality. Simple, geometric lines with vertical bead detailing characterize this range and the final touches are added through tarnished metal hardware. 

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#5: Villa Couture

Inspired by modern Italian design, this is a seamless combination of modern and cottage style furniture. Beautiful antique bronze details give a subtle nod to the Art Nouveau movement.

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