Scandinavian Style: Transform Your Living Space

What exactly is a Scandinavian style? Glad you asked. The Nordic theme has been around for quite some time, in fact, it first emerged in the 1950s and made a comeback in the 1990s. At first glance, Scandinavian design might look modern, minimalist or functional. The truth of the matter is, it’s all three, but what makes it unique is its cultural infusion.

Escape into Nordic paradise with calm color palettes, pools of light, pops of plants and simplistic styles that are fit for a Scandinavian. With inspiration ranging from Norwegian architecture to Icelandic color palettes, your home can take on a functional, unique look through our custom design tips:

White (or Neutral) as Snow 

Think of the Scandinavian color wheel comprised of only whites, beige, and neutrals. White is the primary feature of the Scandinavian style, both for walls and furniture. Not only does it give the room a dramatic mixture of tranquility and elegance, but also works as a blank canvas of possibilities. Textures, details, and accents stand out against the pure background and catch everyone’s attention

Release your inner Scandinavian chic with grey accents |FRENCHFANCY

White staircase feels light and bright... Love the potted plant on the stairway landing| Decoholic

Color and Pattern (Use Responsibly)

Your white backdrop allows for much freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility. Scandinavian style is all about simplicity. Limit your colors and patterns to accent rugs, throw pillows or blankets. Embrace your own vision as you choose accent colors. Bright hues give a modern, youthful look while blacks, grays, and neutrals scream chic.

Neutral Scandinavian Bedroom with Yellow Accents & wide plank wood floors | Homebuilding & Renovating

Scandinavian Living Room with Planked Ceiling & Black Accent Wall | Nina Holst of Stylizimo

Light Wood Floors

You’ll always be in luck with light-colored wood for floors. The larger and lighter the planks, the better. Floors are just as crucial as white backdrops due to the dimension and warmth they bring to the cool mood. Stuck with dark hardwood floors? Opt for a paint project and give your floors a whitewash. This complete DIY whitewash project from our friends at Better Homes and Gardens will help you achieve a look you will love.

Scandinavian style Bedroom with White Walls | Maja Musta Ovi

White Scandinavian Living Room | Maiju Lagerstedt of Lagerma

Let There be (Lots of) Light

Bring in as much light as possible, from every outlet and window possible. Scandinavian style is characterized by its light, airy feel. Swap out traditional lamp shades for globe, lanterns, floor fixtures, and unique chandeliers.

Black & White Scandinavian Living Space | Deko's House

Glass Chandelier in Scandinavian Design | Blooc Hus

Wide Open Spaces 

Your Scandinavian paradise knows no boundaries (literally). Allow functionality to be a design in and of itself. No matter if its open kitchen cupboards showcasing your decorative dinnerware, or a freestanding wardrobe functioning as a display case for your clothing, the more space, the better.

Free standing wardrobe completes Scandinavian bedroom | Homedit


Featured Image: Lotta Agaton via EMMAS DESIGNBLOGG

Image Credits: FRENCHYFANCYDecoholicHomebuilding & Renovating , Nina Holst of Stylizimo, Maja of Musta Ovi, #lagermaDeko, AnnaLeenas Hem, Homedit