Rental Decorating Ideas and Tips

Deciding to rent instead of own can be beneficial in numerous ways, except when the landlord imposes awful restrictions that prevent you from turning a rental into a cozy abode. But there are easy ways to enhance those dull white walls, unsightly floors, or démodé hardware. Replace outdated light fixtures/knobs/faucets to keep consistency throughout the decor, or to add a statement piece. To fix up the walls, add color with tapestries or long, colorful curtains. Cover a wall in pictures or framed art for a mock gallery look. A tall bookshelf can also distract guests from a bare wall, even paint the inside a bright color. Other ways to incorporate color are through furniture or decorative pillows. If space is an issue, lean an oversized mirror against a wall to give the allusion of a larger area. For the floors, lay large area rugs. And if there is absolutely no remedy, go with temporary wallpaper and removable floor tiles! We found several spaces that exemplify our rental decorating ideas, with some combining multiple concepts.

If You Can't Have Wallpaper, Hang a Colorful Tapestry via Scout & Nimble

Use a Large Mirror to Make a Room Look Larger via Scout & Nimble

Center a Large Bookcase Against a Blank Wall via Scout & Nimble

Play up your neutral apartment with pillows and art via Scout &  Nimble

Apply Temporary Wallpaper to a Single Wall in a Rental via Scout & Nimble

Replace your outdate light fixtures with pendent lights via Scout & Nimble

Floor-Length Curtains Enhance a Small Apartment via Scout & Nimble

Paint the inside of a bookcase via Scout & Nimble

Add interest to your rental with an accent wall via Scout & Nimble

Arrange Pictures for a Gallery Wall via Scout & Nimble

A colored sofa completes this living room via Scout & Nimble

Live in a rental? How do you make it feel like home?

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