Painting Kitchen Cabinets: Our Favorite Colors for the Job

There is nothing more refreshing than a new coat of paint. Painting kitchen cabinets not only can give your kitchen a revamp, but is also a great solution for cabinets with the style you love but undertones that you aren’t crazy about. We’re sharing some of our favorite kitchens and their cabinet paint colors to help you achieve a clean and beautiful look.

Color Cache 1: White

White is a classic. It can brighten up any kitchen and make small spaces feel larger. This classic color palette has been in a love relationship with natural light ever since the dawn of time. As natural light streams into a room, it playfully ricochets off of white cabinets to create a fresh and inviting space. Here are a few designs featuring white paint cabinet colors that we love.

1. Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Simply White Kitchen Cabinets (Benjamin Moore) | Liz Schupanitz Designs

2. White Dove by Benjamin Moore

White Dove Kitchen Cabinets (Benjamin Moore) | Martha O'Hara Interiors

3. Navajo White by Benjamin Moore

Navajo White Kitchen Cabinets (Benjamin Moore) | LDA Architecture & Interiors

Color Cache 2: Cream

Cream paint colors have many of the same benefits of white paint colors. Cream is an airy, dreamy color that isn’t as stark and crisp as white. Lacking the blue tones in white, cream paint colors are a bit more warming. These cream colors are calming and comfortable on kitchen cabinets.

1.  Gray Mist (upper) and Seapearl (lower) by Benjamin Moore

Gray Mist & Seapearl by Benjamin Moore on Kitchen Cabinets | Alice Lane Home

2. White Tie by Farrow & Ball

White Tie Farrow & Ball Kitchen Cabinets | Casa Verde Design

3. River Reflections by Benjamin Moore

River Reflections Benjamin Moore Painted Kitchen Cabinets | Charmean Neithart Interiors

Color Cache 3: Gray

Gray cabinets are trending right now, but we think that choosing the right gray can create look that will last in your kitchen. A unique gray cabinet color gives the kitchen a stylish look. The shade of gray that you choose here is key! Keep in mind that dark gray can make the kitchen feel smaller, but it can be really sleek and elegant in a larger kitchen. We’ve chosen a few different shades for you to keep in mind!

1. Dark Granite by Behr

Dark Granite by Behr painted on Kitchen Cabinets | Jason Ball Interiors

2. Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore

Fieldstone by Benjamin Moore on Kitchen Cabinets | Sally Wheat Interiors

3. Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore

Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore, Painted Kitchen Cabinets | Fiddlehead Design Group

Color Cache 4: Gray-Green

If white or neutral colored cabinets are a little lackluster for you, then selecting a gray-green paint might add just the right amount of color! Gray-green is a calming color, but adds a little spice to any kitchen! Choosing a two-tone theme and pairing green tones with a cream or white paint is a great option if you don’t want gray-green on all of your cabinets.

1. Enchanted Eve by Dunn-Edwards

Kitchen Cabinets Painted Enchanted Eve by Dunn-Edwards | Annette English & Associates

2. Wimborne White (upper) and Pigeon (lower) by Farrow & Ball

Color blocked Kitchen with Pigeon by Farrow & Ball on Lower Cabinets | Sarah Sherman Samuel

3. Wool Skein (perimeter) and Chatroom (island) by Sherwin Williams

Chatroom by Sherwin Williams Painted Island | Tobi Fairley

Color Cache 5: Navy

Navy is a cool and classic color. It is trending its way into the heart of many homes, but with the right navy color selection, we think that it can be a timeless and elegant color for your kitchen cabinets! Again, if you think that navy on all of your cabinets may be a bit overwhelming, then try adding white to the upper or lower cabinets for a crisp, clean look!

1. Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Hale Navy Painted Cabinets with Woven Pendants | Studio McGee

2. Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball

Hague Blue Painted Kitchen Cabinets by Farrow & Ball | Emily Henderson

3. Midnight Blue by Benjamin Moore

Midnight Blue by Benjamin Moore Painted Cabinets | Jute Home

Color Cache 6: Bold and Beautiful

Although we couldn’t source the exact paint these designers used, we are loving these bold colored cabinets for inspiration! Emerald lacquer paired with gold hardware and fixtures looks elegant and sleek! Black cabinetry is trending right now; it is the color that goes with everything, including your kitchen decor. It’s hard to imagine what hammered metal cabinetry looks like, but once you’ve seen it, you can’t look away! It’s an eye-catching and stunning design.

1. Emerald Lacquer Cabinetry

Emerald Painted Cabinets | Black Lacquer Design

2. Black Cabinetry

Black Kitchen Cabinets | Blair Harris

3. Hammered Metal Cabinetry

Elle Decor

Here is a summary of our favorite cabinet paint colors hand-picked for you!

The best paint colors to paint your Kitchen Cabinets | Scout & Nimble's Favorite Paint Colors

Featured Image: Melanie Turner Interiors

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