Get It Right with Our Top 5 No-Fail Black Paint Colors for 2018

Black has always been popular in interiors. It’s powerful, deep, and deliciously rich. It’s a favorite because of its incredible versatility as well as the presence it commands. Black paint can be a bit daunting, however, which is why we’ve put together this quick guide to our favorite black paint colors. These have been tried and tested so you can rest assured that it’s going to look amazing!

Black Is The New Black

Regardless of the claims, there is nothing really that can replace black. Technically, black is not even a color: it’s rather the absence of color. But it’s precisely this lack of color that makes it the ultimate neutral. Contrary to popular belief, painting walls dark will not necessarily make a room look smaller. In some cases, it could have quite the opposite effect by making the walls disappear into the background, and by focusing attention on furniture or artwork in front of it. In short, a black wall makes whatever you place in front it stand out.

Sean Anderson's All black home | photo: Alyssa Rosenheck

Color Forecast 2018

We’ve been having a not-so-secret love affair with black for a while now, and this trend is only gaining traction. PPG named Black Flame their color of the year for 2018. It’s a mix of black and indigo that represents calm and hopefulness, both of which we need loads more of! Olympic announced Black Magic as their color choice for the new year. This shade of black embodies glamour and strength and satisfies our desire for privacy in our hectic lives. Whichever color you prefer, the trend is clear: we are craving colors that envelop us, that create a sense of safety and security against the world out there.


no fail black paint guide | Scout & Nimble

What Should I Paint?

There is really no right or wrong here, and a lot of it will come down to personal preference. You can paint the walls only, but for an luxe and seamless look, continue the black onto the millwork of the room such as the trim, crown molding, and the casing on doors & windows.

no fail black paint guide | Scout & Nimble

Painting only the door black and leaving the surround walls light has a surprisingly dramatic effect on a room.

Black Painted Doors | Lauren Liess

Things To Keep In Mind When Using Black Paint:

#1. Make Sure That Light Levels Are Sufficient

Black walls will require a bit of planning around lighting. A room with ample natural light will look fantastic, but if the room is a bit dark to start with, you will need to increase the amount of artificial light. Consider increasing light levels with table and floor lamps. You can further improve the light levels in the room with a statement light fixture. A light colored pendant or chandelier will beautifully contrast against the dark walls, both during the day and night.


no fail black paint guide | Scout & Nimble

 #2. Carefully Consider Your Paint Finishes

Paint comes in such a wide choice of textures and finishes that you can create a variety of effects in a room. Use semi gloss on wood trims and contrast that with flat, matte or eggshell finishes on walls, depending on your preference. Lacquer finishes add a wonderful layer of drama but note that it will show imperfections much more than other finishes and may require more wall prep and work. The finish of paint is everything – you will be surprised at the way light plays off the different textures, even if they are in the same color!

Here are our 5 favorite black paint colors for 2018:

#1. Cheating Heart – Benjamin Moore

Black Bedroom, platform bed | Scout & Nimble

A soft black that works well anywhere even on cabinetry. We used it here in the Lucky 33 Master Bedroom on the walls and our clients loved it. It has the faintest touch of gray blue in it which shows up a bit more in cabinetry.

Guide to Best Black Paint Colors | Cheating Heart Benjamin Moore

#2. Blue Note – Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Blue Note | Ginny Macdonald

Subtle touches of indigo make this a beautiful color for any room. Love the contrast of the wood and greenery next to it.

#3. Tricorn Black – Sherwin Williams

Guide to the Best Black Paints | Tricorn Black Sherwin Williams

A deep and dramatic black that creates a bold statement. Love it here combined with the white wainscoting.

#4. Black Beauty – Benjamin Moore

no fail black paint guide | Scout & Nimble

Here’s why S&N Room Designer Missy Walsh uses this as her go-to shade: “This is a true black, not too blue or gray or brown – yet it is soft and warm and never feels harsh.  I’ve used it for years in a variety of settings, and it always works.”


#5. Raccoon Fur – Benjamin Moore

no fail black paint guide | Scout & Nimble

S&N Room Designer, Jordan Edwards, tells us why this is her favorite black: “I love this shade because it can transform into a deep charcoal gray or a dramatic black depending on the room’s lighting.  It is perfect for cabinetry or an accent wall and pairs beautifully with white and brass accents.” 

Favorite No Fail Black Paints | Scout & Nimble

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