Our Family Video Shoot

This year instead of doing our normal family photo session, I wanted to do something a little bit different.  I reached out to one of my friends from growing up who is a talented photographer and just so happens to have a ton of experience shooting videos.  His “Just A Second 2012” video in which he filmed one second of his life every day in 2012 was featured on CBS News and Huffington Post.  After I told him what I wanted, him and his partner, Carolyn, were all on board and full of great ideas.  It was so much fun to shoot…Kent & Carolyn made everything so easy, stress free and really captured our family in a way that no one ever has before…there is just something about seeing it in video…Sam & I both teared up after seeing it and are definitely wanting to make it a yearly tradition.  If you live in or near the Springfield, Missouri area and want something similar, give Kent & Carolyn a call.  I cannot say enough good things about them.  Thank you Kent & Carolyn!

The Bodine Family Video Portrait from Kent Frost on Vimeo.