One Photo. Every Hour.

Hi all!  I’m so happy you checked in today because we are kicking off a new “getting to know you” series here.  Every Monday, I will be asking a different blogger to share a typical day for them in photos.  The series One Photo. Every Hour. will be a fun one and I hope you all enjoy meeting new faces and seeing a little sneak peek into their lives.  I always wonder how others fill their days and so I’m excited to get this inside view!  Our first guest is a dear friend and blogs over at Primitive & Proper.
Cassie is as sweet as they come, is such a hard worker and is always so on top of things.  Like incredibly on top of things.  I have so often wondered how in the world she does it all and makes it look easy.  She is an inspiration to me and I happen to also love her eclectic style.  You guys have to check out her daughter’s room that she just made over.
Oh and her guest room is coming together so perfectly, too!  I have wanting to paint a room dark and this photo makes me want to go for it.
(all the images above are from Primitive & Proper…please pin from her site! 😉  Click the image to get the link. Thank you!)
Hi there!  I am so excited to be sharing a bit of my life here on Jesse’s blog today.  I adore Jesse- her amazing style and her big heart!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper.  Before we dive in I wanted to give you some information about me that is relevant…
I have two kids, Emmy (7) and Sawyer (8).
I am happily married though my husband works retail and was in “inventory prep” mode when I took all these shots, so he was at work and home late.  But I promise he exists, even if sometimes he may wish he could disappear from the half finished projects I leave all over the house.
I am a co-owner of Sweet Clover, a vintage barn sale in Frederick MD.
6 am: Roll out of bed and get ready for the gym.  (In the first pic you can see my gym clothes in a pile ready for me since I leave them out the night before.)
7 am: Stair steppin’.


8 am: Kids lunches packed and finish getting kids ready to head out to the bus stop. (OK, so I rounded up as you can see from the clock!)


As soon as the kids leave, breakfast time!  One egg plus white, and gotta have my coffee.


9 am: Pick up a bunch of furniture!


10 am: snack time!


And time to catch up on blogs and heat my abandoned coffee back up.


11 am: Get to work on some of that furniture!


Noon: Lunch and finish reading The Glass Castle.


1 pm: More painting.  And give this guy some love and extra carrots.  He will do anything for carrots.


2 pm: Distress and wax the piece I painted with milk paint.


3 pm: Give the house a quick vacuum before the kids get home.


4 pm: The eagle has landed…. my kids plus my friend’s daughter arrive.  (I have my friend’s daughter every Tuesday so I can take the girls to dance.)


5 pm: Drop off girls at dance.  Forget to take picture, so stop the car on the way home with Sawyer and take a quick picture of the road! 😉


6 pm: Dinner time!  I love my salads and eggs, what can I say? (That is a broccoli frittata).


7 pm: Emmy is home from dance and we play a round of bananagrams.
8 pm: Tuck the kids in and kill time on pinterest.


9 pm: Write tomorrow’s blog post, because that is how I roll.


10 pm: Good night!
Cassie, I love that you pulled over to get your pic and now I know why you have so much energy…note to self…start eating better.  😉  Thank you so much for being our first guest to kick of the series!  xoxo!!!