Oh, Mr. Berkus, you read my mind

Seriously, Nate, just stop…you are just too good to us shoppers, to us “lovers of our homes”.  Consider this post my virtual high five to you, my slapping on your shoulder while I yell “shut up!?! no you didn’t!?!”   You have read my little mind and caused me to look like a fool while doing a happy dance in the Target aisles…which I immediately stopped doing while simultaneously lifting my gaze to the ceilings’ security cameras.  Did anyone just see that?  Do people really watch those things?  But after feasting my eyes once again upon your AH-mazingness, the joy that I felt made me realize that I didn’t really care who saw me celebrating.  I was that happy.  Remember this post?   The one where I posted this beautiful lamp that I desperately wanted for our master bedroom.


img90ovia Williams-Sonoma Home

I loved the rivets, the shape, the color, the little chains to turn the light on and off.  What I didn’t like was the price tag…$675.  Ouch.  I was so bummed and I racked my brain trying to figure out how I could DIY one without it looking like a hot mess.  I somewhat gave up and thought that I would just settle for a rivet-less brass lamp…not nearly as cool, but, at least I would get my brass.  But, because of Nate the Great (don’t you think he gets that all the time…I bet he secretly hates that)…ok so because of Nate the ridiculously cool designer who brings a look for less to all of us who are poor or, aka, cannot spend $675 on a lamp, (that doesn’t really have the same ring to it, does it?)  and his awesome ability to read my mind, I get MY LAMP!?!?!  For $50!?!  Ummm…ya, check it out…rivets and all.

14316932_130102180000via Nate Berkus Collection for Target

And I believe he one upped you Williams Sonoma…we get to choose our lampshade for this beauty.  I chose this sexy shade.


via Nate Berkus Collection for Target

My hat is off to you Mr. Berkus.  Please feel free to continue to read my mind.

 That is all I have to say today.  😉 Happy Friday, ya’ll and I hope that something makes you do a happy dance this weekend!