Is there even such a thing???  These past few weeks have been insane and I keep thinking

we’re just getting back into the swing of a routine…

once this project is finished, things will go back to normal

but, I think this is our new normal.  Utter chaos.  Through this chaos, I have realized that  I need help.  I need to let things go, which might involve taking the easy road every once in awhile.  This can be rather difficult for me to do considering I tend to have supermom expectations set for myself.  So, I do what I do best…I resist giving in, resist the urge to give up control, resist asking for help until I find myself in tears feeling like I am being ungrateful and missing the big picture in life.  Finally, I wise up…I throw up my hands and surrender becoming fully aware of my limitations.  Amazingly enough, after this everything gets better.  Only after letting go, am I able to slow down and enjoy those little ‘in between’ moments.  

Even when those in between moments look like this…

I begin to, once again, discover the beauty in things…things that just a day earlier I would have passed without a second thought.

It’s amazing how once our cup is filled, we are able to move forward with a better perspective. So, sorry, I’ve been MIA…I’ve just been trying to get my head around enjoying our new normal.