My Little Snow Bunnies


This past weekend, we, like most of the Midwest, were forced to stay inside.  And as much as I am ready for Spring, I actually enjoyed being able to rock our pajamas all day long.  Our town pretty much shut down on Thursday afternoon…businesses were closing early, trying to keep their employees safe and letting the road crews do their job.


So, not much was crossed off my ever growing “to-do” list, but you won’t see me complaining about the surprise extended weekend.  I’ll take snuggling with my boys, watching movies, enjoying comfort foods (and drinks), & hanging out with other trapped neighbors over that list any day.  Oh, and of course, watching these two little snow bunnies having the best time in the fluffy white stuff was like icing on a cake.



Good thing, we enjoyed it because they are predicting that we will get another 6-9 inches on Monday…to go on top of the 10 inches we already have.  So, it’s looking like more pajama wearin, snow playin, lazy days are in our future!




Hope all of you had a fabulous weekend!