My Latest Steals

I just wanted to pop in and show a few of my latest steals.  I actually went looking for a chandelier that I could fix up and I scored big time finding this enormous guy. Check it…it’s taller than the 100 lb. Cooper dog.  Wanna know how much it cost me?


I know!?!  I’m high fiving you right now!  I was so happy that I drove all the way across town with a smile as big as the chandy on my face.  I may have even been dancing and singing….loudly…even at the stoplights…with people watching me.  I was that happy…ya, it doesn’t take a lot.  😉

Then, I ran into another thrift store just to peek around.  I already scored big time (in my book) so I wasn’t expecting to find anything and was about to walk out when this photograph of a barn caught my eye.


There was just something about the barn print that I loved.  I noticed a sticker on it that said #2 of 35 $190.  I asked about the prints and was informed that It was taken by a MU professor that had a passion for photography.  There were several originals and the owner of the store said he would sell me 2 prints for $25.  Ummm…hold on and let me think about this.  Two rather large prints that I was really drawn to, that are unlike anything that anyone else has?  Sold!!! to the crazy lady with the gigantor brass chandelier in the back of her car.

Sam never knows what to expect to see in the back of my car when I pull up.  No one can say that I’m predictable and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Now, I’m off to enjoy my caffeine and to a little light reading.  Inspiration at my fingertips…love it.


And yes, I do like a little coffee in my cream…in case you were wondering.