Luxe Country | 2018 Trend Forecasting

Happy 2018!  It’s a brand new year, filled with endless possibilities of new trends. While each designer may have their own innovative thoughts and ideas of what they feel will be popular and trending for the year, we are confident that our trend forecast is on point. In fact, we are so excited about our forecasts  for 2018 that we are going to focus and highlight on a new predicted trend each and every week for the entire month of January! 

Our first trend to focus on for the brand new year?  Luxe Country.


Floor to ceiling stone kitchen with Black steel doors | Oz Architects

Oz Architects

To truly appreciate Luxe Country and all it has to offer, one must first understand the true meaning behind what it is, and what it means. Visualize Southern Style meets California cool. A space that has rustic country qualities, but arranged in a clean, fresh, and modern way. An elegant, luxurious look paired with balance and careful execution.

Digging deeper into luxe country, we focus on 4 main categories that encompass the overall look:

1. Wood Tones

In the past year, we have seen an increase in designers across the country using light natural wood stains throughout homes. White oaks, bleached and cerused woods are popping up in our IG feed left and right and we couldn’t love it more. These varying wood tones can be used on cabinetry, built ins, doors, floors and ceilings. They are warm and inviting, but they also translate a luxury feel without feeling stuffy.

Wood Kitchen Cabinets | Molly Brit


2.   Vertical Panels

Move over shiplap. Vertical panels are gunning, once again, for the spotlight. While they’ve always been in style, the focus shifted away from using vertical panels the past few years. This year, however, we are predicting it will be their year to be the focal point in homes. No room in the house is off limits and they can easily transform a space while adding visual height and architectural interest. Expect to see an increase in the use of vertical paneling in areas that are used for storage and on bases of kitchen islands as a way to cover and create an simplified eye-appealing pattern to an often overlooked area. Want to create a unique look for a wall back-splash in certain areas of your home?  Vertical panels could be the perfect solution.

Vertical white wall panels | Sherry Hart

Sherry Hart

3.  Stone

There is truly nothing like the use of natural materials in a home and we have no doubt that we will be seeing more stone this year. Style and options are endless and each shape, varying texture and color translates into a different look and feel. Remember, the use of stone is all about creating a natural impact in home. Our best piece of advice: Don’t force it. Use it where it would naturally occur and is cohesive with the overall feel and flow of the home. Overuse of stone could be the difference between a look being high end versus low end.

Stone Fireplace | One Kindesign

One Kindesign

4.  Tile/Floor

It’s time to go back to our country is all about simplifying. We aren’t saying that patterned tile is out (spoiler alert: more to come on patterns in our future 2018 forecast trends) but if you want the luxe country look, use materials that have been around forever. Natural stones such as slate, limestone, and travertine are all incredible materials and will embody this look. But, don’t be afraid to use brick or a flagstone! The look can be stunning. These natural stones can be a bit more maintenance, but we think the beauty is in its imperfections. However, we know there are many who want maintenance free and we are happy to report the tile industry has come a long way. You are now able to find many durable and low maintenance materials that are made to look just like these natural stones.

Stone Floor home | Atelier AM

Atelier AM

Keep in mind that even if you’re not in a place to build or remodel your home, there are still ways to incorporate the luxe country look using furniture pieces and accessories! Here are a few items that we love and will give your home that boost of elegance without having to do any type of cosmetic upgrades!

Luxe Country Products | Scout & Nimble

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2018 is going to be an amazing year for the design world.  It’s a new year full of such untapped potential, and we’re just getting started!  Stay tuned weekly for our remaining trend forecasts for 2018!