Before & After : Lucky 33 Reveal

We are really excited to share the latest Scout & Nimble before & after with you! We recently finished this family home in St Louis and it was such a fun project to be involved in because we got to play around with a lot of colors and textures. Our team helped them to make their dream house a beautiful and practical family home that they can enjoy together. 

Here’s what S&N’s Jesse Bodine had to say about this project.

This family of 4  found their forever home and immediately fell in love with it. Because they had increased square footage, they knew that they were going to need quite a lot of new furniture pieces. There were other things that could be done but they really wanted to spend the bulk of the budget on furnishings. To make the space feel like their own, we ended up doing a little light remodeling.

About The Layout

The rooms are broken up, it’s not an open floor plan. We decided to paint the whole main level in one color.  It was an existing color in the foyer that we just carried through to the rest of the house to create a cohesive look throughout. But we really wanted to divide each space based on how they wanted to use each room and how they wanted to feel in the room. That’s really important to us. We wanted it to feel cohesive but each room still had it’s own style and vibe. It also flows from one room to the next without feeling like a jumbled mess.

Making a Massive Impact With Some Light Remodeling

One area of light remodeling that we did was the shelving unit in the den. Previously, there was a bar with glass shelves. We presume that it was a closet that the original owners turned into a bar. The unit just didn’t feel exactly right, however. So, we tore down the glass shelves and ended up putting wood shelves in their place, and subway tiling all the way to the ceiling. It worked out great and creates a beautiful and functional feature in the room.


Stylish Fans

Yes, there is such a thing! Fans are a hot topic in the design world & definitely fall on most designers’ least favorite things. Missouri is hot & humid. For these clients, fans were essential. They prefer a fan while sleeping, so lucky for us, we carry one of the most beautiful fans I’ve seen! It’s sleek and modern and really does add so much to the master bedroom. They also have AC to keep the house cool. In the sunroom, we placed white fans to blend in the with the ceiling which really help to move the air around. For the den, we chose a pretty wood fan.

Our Favorite Room

When everything was done, we had such a tough time deciding which room we liked best. Our team would enter each room and it was decided that IT was our favorite. But as soon as we walked into the next, we’d say the same thing. None of us could actually decide! Each room felt so different yet the flow from one into the next was seamless.

Keep your eye on the blog for each room reveal!

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