Kitchens without Upper Cabinets

Kitchen without Upper Cabinets | Dave Cafiero

Kitchens seem to be losing something and we don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. We have to say, as wrong as it may sound, we are becoming fans of kitchens without upper cabinets, or “topless” kitchens as we have grown to call them. We saw the progression from glass fronted cabinets to open shelving and it was only a matter of time before homeowners and designers started to forgo the upper cabinets all together. Are you a fan of this look and left wondering if it is for you or your kitchen? Here are some things to consider when debating on whether or not to embark on this trend.

Kitchen with Large Window | Wettling Architects

White Kitchen without Upper Cabinets. Those windows!

Storage. There are two sides to the storage argument. Upper kitchen cabinets do in fact provide additional storage, however, some argue that this storage is not easily reached and tends to hold items that are rarely used.

Display Art in the Kitchen via Scout & Nimble

Melissa, the blogger behind The Inspired Room, added two lower cabinets that held six heavy duty drawers when she decided to remove her upper cabinets. She finds the lower drawers are more efficient for her and her family in terms of capacity and convenience.

Kitchen with Open Shelving and Wood Beams | Ryan Street & Associates

Removing the upper cabinets, perhaps, allows others to simplify their kitchen and the opportunity to purge items that might be collecting dust forcing you to keep only what you and your family use on a daily basis.  Store your dinnerware on shelves, hang your pots and pans or add a center island to make up for the lost storage.

London Kitchen with Lights over Shelves via Scout & Nimble

Space:  There is no question about it, removing upper cabinets can open a space visually, making it feel and appear larger which is a perfect solution for small or cramped spaces. At the same time, you will gain valuable countertop space and avoid the hassle of working with anything over your head.

White Kitchen + Subway Tile Backsplash to the Ceiling

Use the extra wall space to display art, add interesting lighting, showcase a beautiful backsplash, or add in windows to bring in a gorgeous view and additional light.

Bright Green Kitchen Tiles via Scout & Nimble

A Kitchen with Stone Walls via Scout & Nimble

Fans of kitchen collections and lovers of upper cabinets, don’t fret.  This look is not for everyone and upper cabinets are definitely not going anywhere.  Although we do think these less traditional kitchens look so good, it is hard to imagine them with cabinets! What do you think? Are you fans of this look?

Make a Brick Corner in the Kitchen via Scout & Nimble

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