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Neutral kitchen with gray cabinets | Scout & Nimble

Now that we are officially into the new year, we thought it was high time to do some kitchen trend forecasting for 2018! There are some really exciting things happening in the world of kitchen design right now. We absolutely love what we are seeing in this area of the home. People are breaking the rules, stepping outside the box and mixing styles to create new looks more than ever before. Here’s our breakdown of what we predict will be popular in kitchen design for 2018.

Natural Wood Cabinets

We spoke about this in our recent Luxe Country post, but the natural wood tones are popping up in IG feeds from designers everywhere. It’s plain to see that it adds so much warmth to a kitchen. Not to mention, the durability of stained cabinets will always be better than that of the painted version. Whether it’s white oak, cerused woods or a lighter natural wood tone, we are pretty much in love with this look.

Natural Wood kitchen | @patrickprinty


Natural Wood kitchen cabinets with black accent wall | @sijmeninterieur


Open Shelves + No Upper Cabinets

Open shelves are no new concept, but we think they will still be going strong throughout the year. In addition to seeing more open shelves, you are going to see more and more kitchens lose their upper cabinets. We have seen a bit more of this recent years, but we think we have only scratched the surface when it comes to this kitchen trend. Many of our clients and homeowners are now going with large deep drawers on their base cabinets. These deeper drawers can be filled with the items they typically used to store in their uppers, such as dishes, which for many is actually an easier way to access their frequently used items.

Black kitchen cabinet with no uppers | @redesignhomellc



They are also building more functional walk in pantries. Larger pantries are also able to hold many of the items that uppers used to store, such as seasonal dishes, larger platters and even many of their larger kitchen appliances. Homeowners like the fact that their items more accessible without having to reach or grab the step stool. This often means clients are paring down and eliminating a lot of their items that never get used and opting to keep items they truly need on a day to day basis in the kitchen.

Kitchen Trend Forecasting, Luxury pantry | @humphreymunson


Butler's pantry | @cscabinetry



We don’t want to seem boring when we say this, but we think 2018 is the year that anything goes as far as color. Lovers of white, have no fear! White continues to be a classic choice that will instantly brighten up and enlarge your space. However, we are seeing subtle light colors such as taupe, light gray, light blues and greens that look incredible. These can be perfect if you want to step outside the “white kitchen trend” but are still too nervous to go dark. On the flip side, we have seen some amazing kitchens in dark moody charcoal, gray, green, navy and black. These dark colors ground a space and can look incredible when paired with a lighter backsplash or mixed metals such as unlacquered brass, copper and flat black.

Kitchen trend forecasting, colored cabinets | Scout & Nimble


Subway tile backsplash | @urbangraceinteriors


Brass kitchen hardware | @boxstreetdesign


Patterns + Shape

Small mosaics are showing up everywhere in homes these days. From powder bathroom floors to master bath vanity walls, they are all around. We are seeing them used as backsplashes everywhere and noticing the square shape really make a comeback. They work well in modern mid century homes, but a square cement tile also works well in a transitional home and brings so much warmth to a space.


Mosaic backsplash | @briahammelinteriors


Windows & Statement Wall Sconces

Going with the theme of losing the uppers, we are seeing windows become a focal point in many new kitchens. It used to be that you would have a window above the kitchen sink and now there is no limit to the amount of windows we are seeing in the kitchen. With the windows and open shelves, statement wall sconces are now entering the kitchen more than ever before.

Kitchen Trend Forecasting, no upper cabinets | @ohfarmhouse


Brass kitchen sconces | @jeanstofferdesign


Blue lower kitchen cabinets, white uppers | @elizabethlawsondesign


We absolutely love the personality and style you can bring into the kitchen with wall sconces, so much so that we’ve pulled together a round up of our favorite wall sconces to use in this area.

Favorite kitchen wall sconces | Scout & Nimble