It’s getting a little wonky

If you have been to the blog in the past couple of days, you might notice it looking a little wonky or maybe you cannot notice that because it is uploading about as fast as molasses…which is not very fast at all which all you molasses lovers know. Does anyone eat molasses anymore? My dad used to make it for us all the time growing up. He’d heat it up with a lil butter and smother it on some toast. That’s one of those smells that instantly brings me back to my childhood. But you guys don’t want to talk about molasses, right?  So, back to the lovely ole blogaroo. It’s somewhat of a mess and I apologize. We moved servers and apparently my site is crashing the server A.LOT. Like alot.alot. And it’s causing other sites who share the same server to crash. Oops.

So, last week, I was just sick about it. This blog was heavily on my mind. I was trying to make changes on the backend and spent so much time on it that I didn’t even have a second to blog about anything. Ya…I didn’t even upload a picture. 🙁 I was also swamped with design clients (I’m so excited to show you the changes that I am helping them make) that I just had to throw my hands up and give up control. That is one tough thing for this mama to do. I know it will all work itself out and thankfully, I feel like some really great people have entered my life at exactly the right time to help me with the blog. It’s amazing how when you finally let go, things just fall into place and you can actually move forward.

Well, anyway, I was just popping in because I wanted you to know that I was for sure thinking about all of you and that Scout & Nimble will be up and running just like normal soon. I’m sorry if you’ve gotten error pages, empty links and no response back to your comments.

And you know I cannot post without pictures, so here is something that I’ve been working on this weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this beaut.



Isn’t the hardware great?  The one pull is safely tucked away in the top drawer…it fell off when we Sam & our super strong neighbor (thanks Ryan!) were moving it. 😉  I promise I will share more soon. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!