Inspiration found

Alright, I’m about to admit something that I’m not thrilled about…it goes against everything that I have blogged about, but who knows, maybe by sharing it, it will inspire one of you to tackle that “one” room or “one” space that you view as not worthy of fixing up.

deck project via

We have been in our house for 8 years.  And I have been wanting a new deck for…da da da dummm, 8 years.   Sam & I both were less than thrilled about our back porch when we moved in and in the time we have lived here, we have talked about ripping it down and building our dream deck maybe even with a screened in porch countless times.  We, of course, threw a table, chairs and barbecue grill out on it and left it at that.

****I do realize that these pictures may not portray the imperfections about our deck and I will look crazy saying that our deck is not great, but there are several things that we noticed the builders did wrong with our deck and have always wanted to fix them.  Nothing necessarily structurally that would deem it unsafe, but when you are standing on it, they are obvious.****

deck project via

We never even stained the deck to protect it until last summer when we finally realized that ripping a deck down and rebuilding another might have to be on our long term wish list.  Awful, right?  Here we were with a great deck…something that someone else would maybe love to have and because it didn’t meet our lofty standards, we were just going to let it sit there and rot until it fell apart.  I mean why spend the money trying to enhance it when it really just needs to be trashed.  Lovely thinking…please try not to judge…but it is truly what I thought.

Then, I started seeing images of beautiful patios from  The Home Depot Patio Challenge start popping up all over the blogosphere and it hit me HARD.  I was going against everything that I preach to others.  I am all about making every single inch of your space function to fit your lifestyle and embracing the obstacles within your home…tweaking them to make them work for you.  What a big ole hypocrite I am???  I wasn’t doing it intentionally and I might be acting a touch dramatic because I really did feel like we were saving money to do this new deck.  Then, as life goes, things came up and the deck kept getting moved to the back burner.  So, I finally decided to embrace this deck of ours and to actually start using and enjoying it.  Would it be amazing to have a new deck?   Ummm…yes, of course, but I am not going to not enjoy a space just because I want something better.  So, now I’ve realized this awesome little thing about myself and I am set on changing the attitude that I have had for the past 8 years.

Here are two things I know:

  1. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to spruce up a space
  2. And life is too short to not be enjoying where you live day in and day out.


So, I am shopping my house, repurposing items, DIY-ing my heart out to make this shunned deck look beautiful and to be a space that we all can enjoy.  My inspiration for our back deck came from these three little books that are sitting at my desk in my office.

inspiration found via

Sorry for the terrible cell phone pic.  I found the whole Best Loved Reader’s Digest Set (contains 12 colorful hardback books) at a garage sale marked for $4.  I knew as soon as I had this back deck epiphany that this color scheme was the way to go.  What do you think?  Do you like the red, pink, purple combo?  And yes, I am also going to add in some black, white and gold to crank up the glam feel.  After doing a quick google search on this color combination, I will admit I was scared since it pulled up a ton of crazy looking little girl’s rooms!  lol!  I’m hoping my back deck will be the complete opposite of some of the scary images I saw! 😉

Do any of you have a room or space that you have written off or left sitting in a sad state for too long!  C’mon, make a girl feel better. 😉