I’m in the mood for love

I have to fess up…I’ve never been into really doing a ton for Valentine’s Day as far as around the house goes. I mean we celebrate the day by doing a little something extra special, and we do the school cards, treats, and parties, but I really don’t have Valentine’s Day decor that I routinely put out.  Actually, up until now, I don’t think I’ve ever really had any Valentine’s Day decorations.


Let’s just say that, this year, I was inspired by this sweet little holiday.  I’m not sure what changed for me, but after seeing some white feathers at Hobby Lobby for 30% off, I decided that a couple sets of angel wings would make the perfect Valentine’s Day addition to our house.

Valentine's Day collage trioTalk about an easy project and I’m telling you, seeing my boys sitting at the table absolutely melts my heart. These may just have to stay out year round…

Valentine's Day Decor

This truly will be the perfect set up for our traditional Valentine’s Day family dinner.  We have the score of the song that Sam & I first danced to as husband and wife up on the wall.  See how I made that here , and our two little “angels” sitting right across from us.  The menu will be pizza cause I will have no meltdowns over vegetable eating on that night.  Must keep my angels sweet, right?  😉

Additional items in the photos above that you might have questions about…

Glittered Heart Garland – I picked up the individual glittered hearts (5 pack) from the dollar store and hung them on some jute twine across the cupboard which just so happened to be my first refinishing project.  The grey washed table was my second.

Would you like to make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

foam board
Elmer’s glue
1 bag white feathers 7 gm
1 bag white feathers 14 gm
white feather boa
exacto knife
fishing line or tape to hang on chair/door, etc…

#1. I knew I wanted the wings on the back of our chairs so I measured the width and height of those to use as a guideline for my wings. Once I had those dimensions marked on my foam board, I just started roughly drawing out the shape of the wings.


#2. Once I got the shape I liked, I carefully cut them out with my exacto knife.  Then, because I am slightly obsessive, I set up my “assembly station” with the foam board wings, Elmer’s glue and separate piles of my two types of feathers.


#3. I found it easier to work in sections starting at the bottom side of one of the wings.


I glued down a row of the 14 gm, larger more streamlined feathers and worked my way up the wings overlapping each row as I went.  You do not have to be fancy, just spread your glue down all over the bottom portion and start placing the feathers down.


I would add in the smaller fluffier 7 gm feathers along the edges and to any spot that needed filling in.


Once I reached the top half of the wings, I only used the fluffy 7 gm feathers in order to create more volume and…fluffiness.  Are you catching on that this is really easy.  😉

#4.  After I finished one side, I went to work on the other side, again starting at the bottom and working my way up.


#5.  Once the glue was dry, I flipped the wings over and glued the feather boa along the outside edges of the wings to, again create some volume and because our chair backs are slightly open, I didn’t want people just staring at white foam board.  Can you say booorring?  


#6.  Almost there!  Get those wings attached to whatever it is you are wanting to fashion them…be it a door, a chair, whatever!  I used fishing line to attach them to our chairs only because it is readily abundant in our house.  One perk of having a husband who is obsessed with fishing.  😉

#7 You’re finished!  Finally, stand back and look at how crafty you are!  Feel free to do a little dance and shake what your mama gave ya if you want…I sure did.

Valentine's Day Collage Trio 3



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