How to Put Together an Inspired and Unique Gallery Wall

Nina Holst

A gallery wall is a great way to display artwork, favorite photos, masterpieces made by your kids and other memorabilia. There are two ways in which you can put it together: you can let your instinct guide you, or you can follow our easy reference guide to help you create that inspired gallery wall that will become a proud focal in your home.

Putting Together Your Gallery Wall

Choosing the right pieces

A gallery wall can be made up of anything: canvas prints, block prints, photographs, paintings, framed artwork or even more 3-dimensional work like sculptures and collages. You can either choose to have some common thread tying the pieces together like they have a similar color, frame or theme. Or, you can choose to have an eclectic mix of items with the only thing connecting them being the fact that you adore them all.

Choosing the right layout

The shape and size of your artwork as well as the size of the wall you want to display them on will ultimately determine the layout of your gallery wall. There are 4 basic types of layout:

#1. The Grid Gallery

gallery wall
Stephanie White Travels

This style is ideally suited to a collection of images and it creates a formal, curated focal wall. Choose images that have a similar shape and size, and frame them in similar frames. For a fun take on the style, you can frame a collection of your favorite Instagram images or your kids’ art projects.

#2. The Layered Picture Ledge

gallery wall
Apartment Therapy

This style of gallery works especially well where you have larger artwork. Layer frames over each other to create an interesting focal wall with added depth. Keep it simple with a single ledge, or create multiple ledges above one another if height allows.

#3. The Asymmetrical Gallery Wall


gallery wall
Chaunté Vaughn


If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then go bold with informal, asymmetrical balance. A collection of seemingly random pieces can successfully be displayed together as long as both sides of your collection have the same visual weight. This will take a little bit of planning, but if you follow our 4 steps to gallery wall success below, you’re sure to create a master piece!

#4. The Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

gallery wall
Burnham Design

This works very well with a collection of smaller frames and bigger pieces. The key here is to really let the collection do the talking, and keep the rest of the items in the room understated. As with an asymmetrical gallery wall, it’s really important to ensure that you have a balanced collection.

4 Steps to Gallery Wall Success

#1. Get the Layout Right

First, place all the items on the floor and shuffle them around until you’re happy with the configuration. When you are using a variety of frame shapes and sizes, start with a larger piece in the center and work your way out from there, trying to keep the spaces between frames similar as far as possible – 3″ is a good rule of thumb. Here it is very important to aim for balance.

#2. Cut and Paste

Once you’re happy with your setup, make a paper cutout of each frame, noting the position of the hook or string on the paper. You can use craft paper or even old newspaper. Now replicate the layout with the paper cutouts on the wall, using sticky tape to keep them in place. Make sure that you get the positions right before you move on to the next step!

#3. Drill or Nail

Drill or nail fixings into your wall in the exact position where you marked each frame’s hook or string and remove the paper.

#4. Hang and Admire!

You’ve done it! You have created your very own gallery wall!

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Feature Image: Oh Joy!

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