Hints of Summer

The weather has been GORGEOUS this week…clear blue skies, sun shining high, low 70’s with the most perfect breeze you could ever ask for.  Where do I send in my requests for more days like this?

As I am sitting here, our backdoor is open letting in some natural light  

The boys are napping, it’s so peaceful

the only sound I hear is coming from our wind chime

that is lightly singing in the breeze

 reminding me of being at my grandmother’s.  

 It’s absolute perfection in my book.  But, there are hints that summer is on her way.

Like last weekend, for instance.  High 80’s, mugginess thick in the air.  Mugginess that causes your glasses to fog over with your first step outside.  Mugginess that makes you wonder why in the world you even dried your hair.  Mugginess that has you longing for the pool.  Mugginess that puts everyone a little more on edge until, of course,  you pull out the hero of the day…the water sprinkler.

The mugginess starts to fade away and all you see is happy faces

all you hear are the squeals of delight

the carefree laughter is infectious

registering deep down inside your soul

which causes you to wish and long for more days exactly.like.this.one.

And in this moment in time, you are incredibly present

the worries of tomorrow are gone and you can’t help but feel that

all is right in the world.

Wishing you many of these kinds of days, these kind of moments, where time almost stands still….