Happenings & Progress

Remember the pictures of our sad deck that I showed you a couple of weeks ago?

deck makeover via Scout & Nimble

Well, I’ve actually made some progress on it.  It still has a ways to go…but it’s a definite improvement.

deck makeover via Scout & Nimble

Oliver thinks the rug I painted is his new dance floor.  He is a total ham.  The rug  His new dance floor cost me a total of $26.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have seen a few sneak peeks of it.

painted rug via Scout & Nimble

I will share a tutorial if you want to make one of your own.  You can check out the rug I painted for Kim from last year if you cannot wait although this time I used oil based exterior paint since I was using it as an outdoor rug.  As soon as the paint was dry, I put it out on our porch with all of our potted vegetables, but I felt like the porch still needed a little something extra.

deck makeover via Scout & Nimble

So, I layered the pink and white rug that I scored from Wal-Mart for $20 on top of it.  There was something about it that I really liked so I kept it.  And apparently I wasn’t the only one who liked it.

deck makeover via Scout & Nimble

It really feels like we added on entire new room onto our house.  With the weather we have been having it has been a great place for the boys to play and we have probably eaten more meals out here ‘picnic style’ than we have in the past few years of living here.

deck makeover via Scout & Nimble

I’m still on the hunt for some furniture, though.  I’ve been stalking Craigslist for some great pieces and haven’t had much luck yet.  I am trying to accessorize this space without spending a lot so it might just take some good ole patience.  But, I do have a few items on my dream list from Pier 1 and Grandin Road.  Those are two of my favorite stores for reasonably priced outdoor furniture.  If you are in the market for something, check their stuff out…I guarantee you will find something!  And of course I will be DIY-ing a few things for this area, too.  One piece is already done.  Here is the before.

metal wall decor via Scout & Nimble

This is a huge metal piece that was originally in our living room.  It is a really gorgeous piece and looks fabulous up on the wall, but I was over the whole color scheme.  I wanted something a little different and as you know I am SO on the gold train right now so I grabbed my trusty gold spray paint and went to town.

metal wall decor sprayed gold via Scout & Nimble

I’m kind of loving the gold and I’m hoping this weekend we can get it hung and perhaps pick up a few other items to accessorize this space!  I hope you all something fun planned this weekend, too! 😉