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I thought it might be fun to start a new little series here on Friday.  TGIF, right?  So here is how it will go down…I will throw out a topic along with some images and then you can yay or nay it or give any opinion that you might have on the subject matter.  So today we are talking about trim…in particular, trim painted in color.  The wood vs. painted trim is a debate for another Friday.  So what are your thoughts?  Would you or have you considered painting your trim in a color other than white?  I think most people would say no, but some of these images might just have you considering it.

Friday Feature


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  1. Maybe in one room….I do love the black against the windows. But I think it would be too much in all rooms. BUT, I did just finish painting all of interior doors grey, which I guess is a bit out of the norm…and I really, really love them!

  2. YES! Do I love love love, black trim, not in all rooms but definitely in the main rooms of the house. Just painted our window trim black and the doors. It looks killer.

  3. Julia @Cuckoo4Design on

    Ha, yes those images make me consider it. I don’t think I ever would in my own home or at least have never thought about it. But it’s totally stunning with white walls.

  4. Jessica Anderson on

    No. The black almost has me convinced, but there is something about nice white trim that wins me over on this one!

  5. I would personally love to paint the trim in some rooms a fun color. I’m sure on the other hand that Hubs would not be hearing me out – lol! White it is! =]

  6. Kristin @ on

    That Ralph Lauren room with the bookcases is one of my faves! I wish I had a space to paint all the trim glossy black! xo Kristin Happy Weekend Jesse :)

  7. Its absolutely beautiful! A total “DO”!!! But when it comes to my own home, I’m not sure I could pull the trigger and veer off from crisp white trim. I wish I had the guys (and style hehe.)

  8. I love the Tammy Connor and Traditional Home rooms…something about gray these days has me captivated. I’m not so keen on trim paint in bright bold colors but guess that’s a matter of personal choice and what fits the style of the room! Thanks for sharing some inspiration lady! Happy Friday!

  9. Gloria @ The Faceted on

    I’m a fan of the painted trim! These pictures are all gorgeous. However, I think to pull it off, you need to be FULLY committed to the look and integrate the rest of the room into it and also having the right thick trim is a must.

  10. I like it but it has to be right! A few years ago, I painted our office all white and the baseboards, crown and doors black. It is probably my most popular post to date. I love it in there because it is a doored off room separate from the rest of our house’s white trim. I think it can look a tad awkward when it is in an open room. I do like it when a window or fun door is given an unexpected pop of color though even in a room where every other trim piece doesn’t follow suite!

    House Envy

  11. My home had sage green painted trim throughout and as much as I’ve tried to love it… I don’t and I’m slowly repainting all of the trim white…

  12. I’ve heard it said that trim is like eyelashes in a room: a little mascara never hurt. I love the idea of making trim pop by painting it a color. We did in our last house and loved it! Unfortunately, we had to be a little more conservative in our rent house, but I will definitely do it again given the opportunity. Great post!

  13. LOVE the painted trim. The problem is we have “wood” color trim and doors…which I hate. So I feel like if I was going to paint the trim, all of the doors would HAVE to be painted. Which is a giant task I have no desire to tackle.