Free Printable 2013 Calendar Round-Up

I was trying to schedule some appointments today and realized that I still do not have a 2013 calendar?!?  2013, really???  Has it seriously been a year since I wrote this post?  Alllriiight, so technically it hasn’t been a full year, but I am proud of myself for being a lil bit more on the ball this year.

After I creatively avoided the 5 loads of laundry that’s piled up  spent some time searching online, I had so many that I liked that I thought I would save you some time and post a little free printable 2013 calendar round up.  You know, so you can attend to things like your laundry instead of surfing the world wide web.  😉

Calendar Round Up

At the top of my list is again, My Owl Barn.
Owl Lover 2013 Calendar


This is the 3rd year that Shivani has collaborated with artists all over the globe to create this adorable owl calendar.  You can pick and choose pieces to create a customized calendar or simply download and print the pre-made version.  Check out  some of artwork that was created for this project…it makes my heart happy.

by Ina Hattenhauer

by Donna McKenzie

by Ellen Giggenbach

Obviously, I have a thing for owls and bow ties…

Get your own owl calendar here.

Another one of my favorites was this one done by The Twinery.  It is simple, classic, and colorful.

get it here

The TomKat Studio’s version also fits that description.  I absolutely adore everything Kim does.

get it here

I am in love with the calendar Jessica created using Angie Muldowney’s template.   Jessica added her own photographs and scripture to her calendar and it is just gorgeous.

2013 calendar 512x319 2013 Calendar Printable

get it here

Love vs. Design put out a great “year-at-a-glance” calendar which would be perfect for my husband to have a on his office desk.

get it here

And to end this round up, here is Creative Mamma’s bright fun doodle calendar.


get it here

There you have it…no excuse to not be organized this coming year.  And since I am posting this before Christmas, you could even print these off for some fabulous stocking stuffers that cost you $0.  Yep, my hand is up receiving your big high five.  Holla. 😉