Crafting with kids: Easter Edition

On our latest adventure to the giant place of wonder and fun…aka Hobby Lobby…what?…not the place you were thinking, huh?  (Please excuse that giant mess of a sentence…I am, rarely, if ever, grammatically correct.  I know this.  I’m aware.  It doesn’t bother me and if it bothers you, just take it as a compliment that you are probably a lot smarter than me….<smile>.)

So what did my little eye spy while roaming the aisles of Hobby Lobby?  These adorable little paper mache eggs for 30 cents.

I had intended to dye eggs with the kiddos again like we did last year, but wait…no I was on to something here.  Perhaps this could get me out of the dying this year.  Does that sound bad?  Well, let me explain, you see, my kids like instant gratification. I mean, who doesn’t, right? And the whole dipping the eggs in cups and waiting for them to change colors wasn’t necessarily their cup of tea.  Not to mention, that at the end of it, I had a bunch of brown eggs because Henry wanted to dip each egg in every color.   All that work for a bunch of brown eggs?  Ha Ha…not this year!

So, I did what any normal person would do…I crazily threw egg after egg into my cart, grabbed a carton of glitter and was outta there…of course I used my 40% coupon for the glitter…c’mon…it’s too easy not to.

Now, most people could probably look at the picture above and go ok, they painted those suckers with acrylic paint and then glittered them up all fancy.  And that is exactly what we did.  But, if you like details (you are after my own heart), you will need eggs, paintbrushes, acrylic paint (I have an insane amount of this stuff at home), mod podge, glitter, and a clear coat finish spray paint because who really likes glitter all over their house.

Now, I’m not going to lie…this is no less messy than dying Easter eggs…in fact it could be messier.  Before I got the kids even thinking about what we were going to do, I got a tablecloth on the table, put the eggs in a basket, had paint brushes galore ready to grab, accessible paint, a roll of paper towels, aprons, wipes, pretty much have anything you think you might need close to you.

It will make it so much easier on you if you are not having to run around like a crazy person when your kid does this.

I swear he did it right as I snapped the pic…notice the blurry pic, I was already in motion to help him out.  I, of course, immediately set the camera down, got him cleaned up and checked to see if I needed to do an eyewash like I had to do in college in one of the chemistry labs…mortifying, I tell ya.  Thankfully, he was all good.

And as soon as the kids realized what was happening they were thrilled…

And, before I knew it, they were off painting…

Henry has has these transportation molds forever and has been anxiously waiting to gussy them up, so he did those first.

& concentrating…

And like any good artist, they occasionally would have to pause while letting the mind search for inspiration…

and, other times, they just kind of went with it…even without looking

I don’t think Henry really even said a word…he was having so much fun.

They definitely had a blast and this whole thing entertained these two wild boys for a whole 2 hours…not joking.  They loved it.

And for not even $10, that made this momma happy.  Plus, we can save these from year to year.  I even got in on the fun and made some ombre eggs…

inspired by this Ombre

Very Easter-ey and Spring-ey, huh?

Now, here are the boy’s first trial eggs which I love.

After these, I had to set the camera down and be a little more hands on to get to here.

It would even be cute to put the years on their eggs so you could save them and pull them out every year. Or even attach a little ribbon to each egg and make your own little Easter egg tree, like Maaaaartha (said in a very sophisticated voice, of course).


Fun little project to do with the kids, endless possibilities.  And even if you don’t have kids, I would still consider this fun.  But, hey, I am someone who gets excited to purchase these

and a package of these

Umm…these two things might be better than shoes for me…what’s sad is that I’m not kidding.  Now that I’ve shocked every woman reading, I’ll end it there.  😉