Compassion Sunday

Today I want to talk about a little something different here on Scout & Nimble.  Something that is near and dear to my heart.  Call me crazy, insane, naive…but I truly believe that we can create an impact, that we can make a difference…and by believing these two things and acting on them, we can change the world.  The world is far from perfect, I know.  I understand that no matter how many people give back or have this view on life, there will still be darkness, unexplainable horrid acts and situations, and stories in the news that will knock the wind out of your soul.  So many things are beyond our control.  But we do have something.  Each day we have a choice…we can wake up and focus on all the ugliness or we can choose to focus on the small things that we can do to impact others for the better.  It may be a simple smile, opening the door for a stranger, or engaging in other random acts of kindness.  If you do these things, you will have impacted someone else’s life for the better in that moment…even if it’s short term.

Then there are those other things that you can do that may not be as easy as a smile.  They may require a bit more sacrifice on your part, be it time or financial, but more often then not, they yield an even greater reward…for you and whomever you are helping.  In many of these situations, your reward will be connecting with others and seeing the sacrifice you made making a difference and creating an impact.  That is what I am asking you to consider today and this week through Compassion.


When I first heard about Compassion and their goal to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, I went to their website and I looked at the children’s faces…all waiting to be sponsored.  It broke my heart and I remember feeling angry that I couldn’t sponsor all of them.  How in the world would I choose one child over another?  Then, I looked at a little boy’s picture and noticed that this particular day was his birthday, May 17th.  He also had been waiting over a year to be sponsored.


I knew in that moment, I needed to sponsor him.  His name is Egrace and he lives with his family in India.  It has been incredible to see him grow into a young man and to see what this sponsorship through Compassion has been able to do for him.


Our payment of $38 per month provides Egrace with so much…food, clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, and schooling.  One of the best parts is that Compassion shares Jesus Christ with Egrace and encourages him to have a relationship with God.  Egrace and I have exchanged many letters through the years and to read in his own words how him and his family have benefited from our sponsorship is more than I could have ever hoped for.

April 21st is Compassion Sunday.  It is a special event that draws attention to the needs of the world’s poorest children in hopes that more children will be sponsored and therefore given a chance to be released from poverty.  I am writing this in hopes that some of you reading believe like I do…that we can create an impact and make a difference.  That we can change the world simply by changing someone’s life.  I encourage you to watch this video and take a look at Compassion.  Watch how it can change a child’s circumstances, view of themselves and open their mind to the possibilities that are out there.  And if you feel so inclined to change a child’s life story, you can click here to start your sponsorship today, this week in honor of Compassion Sunday.