Can you smell that? All resulting from a fuzzy head…

What? My post title doesn’t make any sense to you? Well, jump aboard this crazy train because it’s going downhill from here. This is just how my day has been…I mean who doesn’t like a little crazy from time to time? It all started when I woke up today and thought I would get Henry’s big boy room figured out. This past weekend I started painting two headboards that I scored off Craigslist 

in a lovely orange. ASCP Barcelona Orange, to be exact.

How great are these vintage headboards?

Well, I sat down to organize my thoughts and this is what my moodboard looked like.

Ummm…we might have a problem here. Looking at this made my head fuzzy and with that this arrived at my doorstep.

So, I did what any normal person would do and ran to the grocery store to get a bunch of organic fruits and vegetables to test out. While I was there, I decided to make copies of my campaign fliers for charity: water.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should. Check it out here.

And since I was really needing to clear my head and do something creative, I decided to stop by Johnston Paint and grab a gallon of paint. Wait, let me back up…if you notice in our kitchen and living room pictures, we have a really open floor plan. One of the things we did when we were remodeling the kitchen was paint the walls in it and in the eating area Benjamin Moore’s Collingwood.

white kitchen

We both decided that we would like to take the same color on throughout the living room,

but, for whatever reason stopped short and put it on our list of “things to do”.  Well, I decided in all the chaos that was in my brain, that today was as good of a day as any.

Now, the whole time I was driving to the paint store and even while I was telling the guy behind the counter what I needed, another part of me was saying, “don’t do it!” “Sam’s going to freak out!” and I kept picturing Sam walking through the door and looking like one of those cartoon characters whose head has blown off his neck with a bunch of steam coming out his ears.

It’s not that he would really be mad at me for painting, but my poor patient husband thinks I already have too many projects going on. He wants to see me finish some of these other projects that are lingering in the garage of misfits before jumping into another HUGE project. Does painting a living room with 12 foot ceilings really constitute as HUGE?

But, follow me if you are able, I had a plan…I would use my Vitamixer to make a powerful green energy drink and then tackle the living room. Totally sound idea, right?

So, I threw all my kale, spinach, coconut water, carrot, pear, apple, lemon & ginger into the mixer and drank this imagining it would do for me what spinach does for Popeye.

I even texted this picture to my mom and the conversation went something like this:

Me:  Oh ya!  Who’s healthy now?  This stuff gives you so much energy it’s like speed…watch out!

(I would like to disclose here that I have never done nor do I plan to do speed)

My lovely mother:  Whoa!  That is a green drink, I just googled the recipe…it is a colon cleanse in a glass…mentions excessive and multiple explosions

Me:  I think you are kidding…

(a second later)

Me:  You are kidding, right?

My lovely mother:  Go slow!  Not kidding…have you already drank it?

I don’t think I have ever moved so fast to get to the computer and google Kim Synder’s Green Drink.  Turns out it is not a colon cleanse…it is called a glowing green drink because it is good for your skin.  Reeeeaal funny mom…just you wait, Dale.

So, as I’m drinking my green drink that is going to give me beautiful skin, I pop the lid off the gallon of paint and I just dive right in.  Even Ombre knew it probably wasn’t the best idea…

And just as I’m thinking, Sam’s so going to freak out, I hear the garage door open. !?!??!?!?***!&*!!! Sam has come home for lunch!?!?  I panic…I grab the paint bucket and brush and put it behind a chest and as the whole house smells like paint, I think maybe he won’t notice???

Well, my friends…I now realize just how terrible my husband’s sinuses are.

He has always complained that he really cannot smell, but here he is standing literally inches away from the freshly painted wall which was SO NOT DONE and nothing.  Didn’t.even.notice.  I thought it was so great, that I had to give him some of this green drink and take a picture of  him.  He had no idea.

He even sat in the living room with a clear shot of the paint bucket and brush and was completely oblivious.

So, I decided to have a contest…I’m going to see how much of the living room I can get painted before he notices…sounds fun, right?  Any bets that I can paint it all without him noticing?  Now, for all of you who know him and who read this blog…you cannot spoil it…  absolutely no telling…but you are free to laugh along with me.