Before & After: Lucky 33 Four Seasons Room Reveal

The next room on our St. Louis home tour is the Four Seasons Room. Our clients were most excited about this room because this was where they envisioned themselves spending a lot of time as a family. Whether they were playing games, watching TV, reading, drinking coffee while watching the sunrise or just hanging out, we wanted to make sure that the room was extremely comfortable and inviting.

Before: Four Seasons Room


"Before" of Four Seasons Room | You should see the after!

After: Four Seasons Room

Eclectic Four Seasons Room | Scout & Nimble This room has amazing natural light but the dark walls didn’t do it justice, so the first step was to change the wall color. We replaced the burgundy with a main house paint color, London Fog by Benjamin Moore. We did this to make moving from one room into another, even though they are separated, as seamless as possible. This immediately opened up the room and amplified the light. We utilized many existing pieces here but brought in a few key items to freshen up the look and take it up a notch. This created the lively boho-feel that we were after, filled with lots of textures, natural wood elements, and plants.

Hardwood Bunching Table with Beautiful Parquet Pattern + Secret Drawer | Scout & Nimble

We used 2 different rugs layered over one another; the contrasting textures add interest and layering smaller rugs over each other is also a very effective way to make them more proportionate to a large room.

Hardwood Bunching Table with Beautiful Parquet Pattern + Secret Drawer | Scout & Nimble

Instead of using one coffee table, we opted for these two bunching tables which not only add essential storage with their concealed drawers, but serve as a focal point with their beautiful parquet pattern. Made of durable hardwood, they can serve as two separate table tops or can easily be pushed together as needed. Justina Cohanga Chair | Scout & Nimble

A hanging rattan swing adds a laid-back, playful element to this space. This fun seating option was the perfect final touch and the kids have already claimed it as their favorite place to hang out.

Catalina Nesting Tables | Scout & Nimble

We added in a set of nesting tables between the sectional and swing. When extra surface space is needed, the lower table can easily be utilized elsewhere. These pretty nesting tables have antiqued brass tops with a quaint nailhead detail, adding warmth and character to the room.

Boho inspired Four Seasons Room | Scout & Nimble

We chose to accessorize the room with a variety of potted plants and succulents. Plants are a great way to bring the outside in and add so much life to a space.

Boho Inspired Four Seasons Room | Scout & Nimble

Boho Inspired Four Seasons Room | Scout & Nimble

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