Bathroom Lighting that Stands Out: Easy Update

One of our favorite things about interior design is seeing how style evolves over time. We are currently loving the interior evolution that is taking place in bathrooms! Bathroom lighting has come such a long way! Bathrooms are transitioning from a necessity to a place of relaxation with spa-like elements. Here at S&N we think that in order to create a place of relaxation, all the room elements must add up to depict a space that is as functional as it is an elegant escape. Updating your bathroom lighting is a sure-fire way to make an impact at a reasonable cost and perhaps the help of an electrician. The best part is you don’t have to just stick to the traditional vanity bar lighting above a mirror anymore. These days you can find every style of light in bathrooms that bring an extra dose of personality & drama. Don’t be afraid of doing something different in your own bathroom…we think these images prove anything goes!

Wallpaper up the Ceiling in Cottage Bath | Killy Scheer

1. Chandeliers create a pretty softness that is often forgotten in traditional bathroom design. We love how these chandeliers make the room feel like more of an experience than just a space.

Wide Bathroom Simple Chandelier | via Scout & Nimble

Glorious Bathroom Chandelier | via Scout & Nimble

Patterned Tile behind Bathtub | Wiseman & Gale

Get this look:

Sonya Chandelier - Scout & Nimble

Sonya Chandelier 

2. Pendants can make any room feel like an upscale venue and with endless varieties, there definitely is something that will fit your fancy. Below are some suspended beauties that will show how bringing in the unexpected pays off!

Studio Pendants | via Scout & Nimble

Sphered Pendant Lighting | via Scout & Nimble

Shortened Pendants | via Scout & Nimble

Get this look:

Vintage Pendants - Scout and Nimble

Vintage Pendants

3. Wall Sconces will continue to be a bathroom staple and come in a multitude of styles making find one that fits you and your bathroom a fairly easy task. The decision that you will have to make is how you would like to place these in relationship to your mirrors.

Lighting in Bathroom | Luxe Interiors + Design

His and Her Symmetrical Sconces | via Scout & Nimble

Single Sconce Bathroom Lighting | via Scout & Nimble

Symmetry in Bathroom | Wiseman & Gale

Get this look:

Vanalen 1 Light Chrome Wall Sconce - Scout & Nimble

Vanalen 1 Light Chrome Wall Sconce

4. Backlighting & Indirect light can make a room seem larger than it actually is – plus it creates great glow for applying make up and getting ready!

Backlit Mirror In Modern Bathroom | D4 Designs

Marble Bathroom with Backlit Mirrors | Charles Cunniffe Architects

Backlit Mirror provides great Indirect Lighting in Bathroom | Applequist Architects

5. Flush mount lights are wonderful options for lower ceilings allowing you to bring in larger scale pieces and options. It is a great way to add depth to a home’s style and update canned lighting to create a huge difference!

Flush Mounted Pendant | via Scout & Nimble

Black White & Wood Industrial Bathroom | Summer Thornton Design

Get this look:

Charlton Extra Large Semi-Flush - Scout & Nimble

Charlton Extra Large Semi-Flush

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Featured Image: Matthew Niemann Photography

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