Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint

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Have you all heard of Amy Howard at Home? One step paint? What about furniture lacquer spray paint? Gorgeous, high gloss colors in a spray can…yep…in a spray can. I’ll be reviewing some of her fabulous products during the next week and today, I’m going to show you all about her one step paint. The name simply says it all. No sanding, priming, prepping, or waxing. Who doesn’t love that, right? Check it out.


I love repurposing and breathing new life into furniture.  Just because the finish isn’t right or a piece looks outdated doesn’t mean that it cannot be fixed.  This dresser in our guest room was begging for a makeover.  That bad boy is old, too…like from my childhood old….and it had definitely seen better days.  Originally it was a light honey oak, but I painted it over 10 years ago before I really knew what I was doing…and a little fyi for you…my paint job was terrible!  The bad “before” pic.


If this piece wouldn’t have been confined to the basement guest room, I SO would have painted it sooner.  But it turned out to be the perfect piece to test out Amy Howard at Home’s One Step Paint.  I literally just popped open the lid of Selznick Grey and started covering the piece.


I was really surprised at the consistency of this paint because it was thinner than what I was used to working with, but after brushing some on, I was even more surprised at how rich the pigment was as well as the coverage of the paint.


I barely got any paint on my brush and was able to cover an entire drawer front in one quick swipe.  It even hid the darker blue that I was painting over with the first coat.  I’m telling you, it went on like butter…those of you who love a smooth modern finish will love this paint.  I did notice that as the paint was open to air longer, it did get slightly thicker, but all I had to do was add a little water back to the paint, shake it up and it was ready to go again.  After 45 minutes, I had finished two coats on the dresser and could have technically been done, but I wanted to add a few other masculine details.


I decided to outline the door fronts in navy and attach burlap to the drawer fronts with Mod Podge.  I cut the burlap and placed each one on the front of my drawers.  A few of the pieces had to be slightly adjusted which was easy to do because of the nature of burlap.  I just had to find the right spot and then gently pull the one strand out making sure to cut any leftover strands to create a clean edge.


Then, I popped in some brass and white ceramic hardware that this fabulous chick used in her Room Service Atlanta project.  I mean, c’mon…they are fabulous <says the lover of anything gold or brass>


I am really happy with the way this dresser turned out and I’m thrilled that I still have over one half of the can of paint left so I can freshen up more “doomed for garbage” furniture.


At $28 for 32 ounces it is very reasonable, too, which I love.   This paint comes in 34 different colors and being the blue obsessed gal I am, you betcha I want to try Rugo.  But, the Vintage Affliction looks so pretty and rich, too…not to mention, it would look fabulous with brass or gold hardware. 😉

Amy Howard has so many other cool products that you must go check out.  The furniture lacquered spray paints are ones that you will freak out for.  I’m talking super high gloss lacquer…that come in a spray can!?!


I actually was able to review them as well as the antique mirror kit and I loved both.  I will share the deets on those in the next week or so, but as a heads up…you will not be disappointed.  Go over to Amy Howard at Home and see for yourself!


This is a product review for Amy Howard at Home.  All opinions are 100% mine.