A Product I’m loving: Bubblegum Backdrops + a Discount


Have you guys heard of Bubblegum Backdrops?

I’m seriously in love and they are not paying me one dime to say that.  You see, I am such a fan of having professional photos done of our kids, but it can get expensive, right?  Since we are lacking a money tree in our backyard, we are lucky if we can get them done once a year.


I totally think it’s worth it, though, to have the professional sessions…the photographer I have worked with since my children have been born has been worth every single penny.  She is GREAT at what she does and captures those incredible “gotta get you in a frame and immediately up on the wall” shots. But, I have found myself wanting to get that professional look for all of those other special occasions that fall on the other 364 days.   The birthdays, the new “big boy” haircut, the first lost tooth, and even the days where they get dressed on their own & the outfit is so carefree and hilarious that I want to stop time and soak in every bit of the moment.  I’m telling you, Bubblegum Backdrops are exactly for moments like that.  They give your photos that professional look and as long as you own a point and shoot camera, you are solid.


They have thousands of styles to choose from and also come in a variety of sizes.

Bubblegum Backdrops

If you are a photographer, you can even order them with a pole pocket to slide them right onto your backdrop bar.  Since I am not a professional, I simply taped mine to my fireplace mantel and it worked great.  Expectant mommies, this is a must have for you…newborns change so quickly and this is a way that you can capture a professional look for all their monthly photos.  One of the best parts is that they are vinyl so not only are they resistant to wrinkling, but if you want your sweet little one year old to dive into that icing covered cake…it’s all good.  Wipe them down with a little water and roll it up until you are ready to use it again.


I ordered the 48×48 Silver Iced Bokeh and whipped it out on a bitterly cold day that forced us to just chill out at home.  Like I said, I taped it to our fireplace mantle because it’s a spot that gets great indirect light from our huge living room windows.  One tip for great photos that I’ve learned along the way is lighting…make sure you have plenty of it and turn the flash off on your camera.  It is how you get those fabulous shots…you know where their eyes literally sparkle.  Love those shots.


I still shoot in automatic mode on my camera…I’m trying to learn to shoot manually, but apparently I am a slow learner <sigh>.  One of these days I will get there.  I used our white ottoman in some of the shots, too since it went with the backdrop, but you could use two different backdrops to create a really cool look or just crop out anything you don’t want in the photo…like my messy living room. 😉

And all you dog lovers out there…you know you want to have a photo shoot for them.  Seriously, Cooper and Ombre love having their picture taken…they told me so.

furry boys

My Cooper will literally follow me around everywhere when I have my camera in hand and sneak in my photos…he’s such a camera hog.  If you have a camera with a timer on it, you could even catch some great family photos, photos of you & your significant other, or even some great selfies.  These would even work great as the background for a “photo booth” at weddings or party.  Those are so popular right now.  Literally, the possibilities are endless.

Aren’t they adorable?  Want one?  Well, today is your lucky day…Bubblegum Backdrops is generously giving Scout & Nimble readers 15% off for a limited time!  They believe that every one whether a seasoned photographer or not, deserves to have beautiful photos.  Go over and check out all their styles and when you place your order, enter “SCOUTANDNIMBLE” in the coupon code area to receive your 15% discount.  Yay for discounts…I’m eyeing the Teal Boarded Wall.

Happy Shopping!