A Goodwill Modification

I took it upon myself to just take a quick moment to do a “peek n’ run”  into Goodwill the other day.  I figured it would be busting at the seams after the holidays.  Sadly, it was not…there was hardly anything on the shelves!?!  Definitely disappointing, however, as I was walking through the last section of my “peek n’ run” route, I spotted this sitting on top of the clothes rack in a little basket.  It was a steal at $3.


The leather and fringe is super on trend right now and I knew this pint sized little purse would make a perfect gift for my sweet niece.  The red, white, and blue beads were not my favorite, but I knew that this was something that could be easily fixed.  So she came home with me and my afternoon was spent doing a little crafting with some metallic acrylic paint


and painters tape.  I didn’t want to get any on the actual leather so I taped along the edges of the beads.


Easy peasy.  All I did was paint the blue and red beads with the gold paint.


Twenty minutes later, I had this.  Goodbye red and blue and hello glittery gold goodness.


I left the white beads alone…I thought they were a nice pop between the metallic ones.  We filled it with lots of princess lip glosses, fingernail polishes and play make-up and are hoping to make one little girl very happy on her birthday.


Just goes to show, you never know what you’ll find at Goodwill.  That should be their motto.  Have you modified any Goodwill or thrifting finds lately?