A Change is Coming

This is a post that has been a long time coming and I’ve attempted to write it only to start it and hit the delete button like Tom Hanks does in You’ve Got Mail when he is writing back to Meg Ryan.  You remember that scene?  One of my faves.  Somehow all the other times just didn’t feel like the right time to share what’s been on my heart with this baby of mine.  First of all, let me say this…I love this blog and every single one of my readers no matter if they are here everyday or check in less frequently.  And I feel like I owe you all some sort of explanation about the future of Scout & Nimble.   Obviously, as you can see by the pop up box, there is going to be a change.  And change is always a scary thing…people tend to shy away from change and I am asking you to embrace it.  There will be far less of my own personal DIY’s to share and perhaps a little less information about my boys.  But, I promise you this, you will be getting all of my heart always.  I am praying that this change will meet your needs & will leave each of you more fulfilled than any of my other posts did all combined.  The reason that I have been a bit absent lately is because I am pouring all of my heart, energy, & soul into this change and doing so much behind-the-scene work that by the time I climb into bed at night, I literally cannot keep my eyes open.  I am still here…with you in the very front of my mind.  It is all of you who are pushing & driving me to make this change.  I want to do better by you.  All of you.

Yes, it is scary.  I have so many fears, you guys…like an insane amount of fears, but I am taking this leap and I do hope that you will join me.  Thank you all for being there for me throughout this journey and for all your support and encouragement.  This would not be happening if it were not for you.

I will be sharing a bit more next week and I truly hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I am going to start a fun series that will give you a little peek into the lives of different bloggers.  If you ever wondered what a day to day looks like for them, stay tuned, it should be fun!

And of course, if you cannot find me here, you can always find me on Instagram (@scoutandnimble)!  Come say hi and you may just stumble upon some sneak peeks about the change! 😉