6 Ways To Make Technology Work For You

Life isn’t as simplistic as it used to be. We have apps that solve our problems, multiple screens that keep our professional and personal lives afloat, and push notifications that never let us forget what is going on around the world.

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With such immense power in your palm and in your peripheral, it’s easy to get distracted and slip into an unproductive zone. Instead of playing the blame-game on technology and its distractions, learn to play the game and use technology to your advantage with these six tips:

1. Do Not Disturb

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For maximum productivity, silence your phone in the most powerful way possible. The Do Not Disturb feature silences every bell, whistle, notification and phone call while the screen is locked. Instagram and Twitter can wait; your latest project is calling for your full attention! Enjoy the peace of mind and get in the zone without worrying if it will be interrupted.

2. Clear the Clutter

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 A technological organization can be just as beneficial as a clean room, a clear desk or an organized planner. Not only does clearing the clutter on your phone, tablet or computer allow easy access to files and contacts, but it will lower your stress levels and give you clarity of mind.

3. Be an Efficient Emailer

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Emails are important, but without a limit, they can take more time than needed. Maximize your productivity with efficient emailing by designating a set time each day to clear your inbox. The time interval will not only save time and energy but will also set a boundary between your online world and tangible workplace.

4. Minimize the Messaging 

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If you’re an Apple product user, you might know the beauty of iMessage. Not only can you text from your phone, but from your laptop. While the messaging app can be a blessing, it can also be a curse in times of much-needed focus. Try closing the app on your laptop to eliminate the temptation to text about dinner plans. Concentrate now, socialize later. Your to-do list will thank you!

5. Arm with Alarms

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For the looming tasks waiting to be accomplished, give yourself a deadline to maximize productivity. Thankfully, technology can help you with this. By programming an alarm on your phone, you can focus in on the task at hand and your phone will let you know when the time is up.

6. Shut Down the Social

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Social media rules our world, but you can limit when it does. Turn off push notifications for any (or every) one of your social media apps and live distraction free. Your friends and followers can resurface whenever you have the spare time to check in, tweet and post.

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