5 Styles of bed making… Which style are you?

Ever wonder what your bed says about you? We’ve narrowed it down to 5 styles of bed making: traditional, pile on the pillows, less is more, bring on the pattern, and the undone look. Find out which style you are!

1. Clean and Polished (Traditional)

You love clean and classic colors. You want your bed to look elegant, like a luxurious hotel bed. You stick to a more traditional look such as euro shams and standard pillowcases. A messy bed just screams “dirty” to you. Your life is full of chaos, why should your bed be too?

Neutral Traditional Bedroom with Crystal Chandelier | Jenny Wolf Interiors

Get the look: Start with a down duvet and white sheets, all tucked in. Add some Euro shams in a soft color and perhaps a monogrammed pillow for the perfectly polished look.

2. Pile on the Pillows

You’re a pillow lover. You welcome pillows of all shapes, sizes, and colors to your bed. You can hardly get through a store without falling in love with a new pillow that you absolutely NEED. You have to have pillows surrounding you when you sleep; it’s the only way. You just don’t understand the people with only two pillows on their bed. How is that inviting?

Upholstered Headboard with PInk Pillows | Jillian Harris

Get the look: Layer as many pillows as you want! Make sure to get pillows with different textures, colors (within the same color scheme), and patterns. It’s simple… just “pile on the pillows.”

3. Less is More

Simple and clean. When it comes to your bed, less is more. You want your bed all to yourself, and that’s okay. Why share it with crowds of pillows and layers of blankets? You believe your bed should only be filled with stuff that you actually use. Sleeping is simple, shouldn’t your bed be too?

Live Edge Headboard + Black Grasscloth Wallpaper | Atlanta Homes

Get the look: Start by removing any excess pillows and blankets you don’t use. Make your bed up, tucking in all around the mattress. Have your two pillows leaning against your headboard, and if that’s not enough for you, add one decorative pillow to the mix. Remember, “less is more.”

4. Bring on the Pattern

Your bed is all about your style and personality with an extra side of flair. When your friends see it, they know it’s yours. You want to feel at home when you get tucked in and your bed does just that. You still want it to look put together, but far from stuffy. You have personality, why shouldn’t your bed?

Eclectic Bedroom with Round Mirrors Above Nightstands| Amber Interiors

Get the look: Start with a clean slate by using white or neutral duvet and shams then bring on the pattern by using pillows with a variety of your favorite patterns. Add a few pops of color that you love and your favorite textured blanket and you have a bed that is layered with interest and screams you.

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Kufri Life Pillows at Scout & Nimble

5. The Undone Look

Your bed is a cozy get away perfect for cuddling up in on a stormy day. How can you get in if it’s tightly made up? You would rather have messy pillows, untucked sheets, and a big, fluffy comforter draped across the foot of the bed. Your life it too short for silly tasks such as bed making and you know you will probably be back in it for your afternoon nap. What’s the point?

Relaxed Neutral Bedroom

Get the look: This look is very easy to achieve. Don’t make the bed. Maybe pull up the comforter and sheets a little, then throw on some cozy pillows and blankets to achieve that perfectly “undone look.”

Which bed making style are you?

Featured Image: Coco Republic

Photo Credits:  Jenny Wolf Interiors, Jillian Harris via Style at Home, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, Amber Interiors,  West Elm