25 insights into this Scout & Nimble girl

I am in the midst of project overload so I thought it was time for another 25 things…

  1. If I am ever walking after it has recently rained, I, for some reason, feel like I need to save all those dumb worms that look stranded in the middle of the dry sidewalks to prevent them from dying what I imagine is a horrible death.
  2. I have no idea if I am doing them a favor by moving them back to one side of the sidewalk into the grass…who knows maybe they were trying to get across to the other side of the sidewalk where their families are patiently waiting?  Does anyone else do this or think this way or is it just me?
  3. And yes, I’m sure I look crazy stopping every 5 seconds to save a silly worm.
  4. I’ve always considered myself to have a great fairly good memory so I often wonder why it is such a process for me to leave the house…it takes me getting in the car only to run back in the house 5 different times for something else that I forgot.
  5. Once again, yes, I’m sure I look quite ridiculous doing this, too…
  6. My son on the other hand can get in a bed full of “his toys” and without so much as a glance, realizes that goblin or turtle is missing and then he can tell me exactly where said toy is…like, “on the side of the bathtub in your bathroom, mama” or “in the car under the dinosaur book”….I mean, really???
  7. Maybe I should give him a list of everything that needs to walk out the door with us so I could end the “car to house” daily dash routine that I am currently doing.
  8. My favorite product right now is…da da da DAAA The Vitamix!  Surprise, surprise…I.seriously.cannot.stop.talking.about.this.machine.what.is.wrong.with.me?!! 
  9. Every night before bed, I eat a spoon full of almond butter. This guy said that it could make 4 hours of sleep feel like 8 hours of sleep…don’t ask…something to do with blood sugar, but bottom line…I’m happy to say, it works.
  10. Why couldn’t anyone have shared that piece of information with me when I was up all hours of the night feeding babies?  New moms take note.
  11. I have not a single tattoo…not because I don’t like them or anything…it more or less has to do with me not being a superfan of needles.
  12. I love getting lost in a great book…I just recently finished The Fault in Our Stars by John Green (which was a good little read) and I am currently reading Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo and Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell…only because someone recently gasped at me when I said that I had never read it.  <ugh…peer pressure>
  13. All I am hearing about, though, is The Hunger Games…until recently I had no clue what this even was (try to withhold your gasping)…so tell me this…am I missing out?  What’s all this craze about?
  14. I love coconut anything.  One of my favorite drinks is coconut rum with coconut juice. Not only is is oh so low cal, but the potassium in the coconut juice helps prevent you from feeling hungover the next day…brilliant, I say!  **Warning…not for someone who doesn’t love coconut-ey things…Sam calls this suntan lotion in a cup, but I think it is absolutely perfect, light and refreshing.
  15. Since we are on the subject of spirits…I am a huge fan of wine, but, deep down, I am a beer girl through and through.  Being born and raised in the Midwest can do that to you, I guess.
  16. I am completely over painting our living room.  It’s not that it is really that hard, it is just so time consuming.  This probably isn’t a good thing considering I have the 20 foot high wall along the staircase to do next.
  17. I might freak if I don’t finish by this weekend.
  18. You’re asking why I don’t hire someone to finish it?  Well, I have this little math equation that I do in my head whenever I start a new project.  The equation takes into account effort, time, $, skill, etc…and helps me make a decision whether to do it myself or hire someone to do it for me.
  19. I’m now thinking there is a flaw in this equation…it may need some tweaking.  Boo.  Maybe I will hire someone to do the wall that seems to go on forever.
  20. You’ll never believe what I did to myself the day I took the boys to the park… ***WARNING…if you don’t like looking at pictures of bruises, avert your eyes from this next pic…***  And please, not that you would, try to refrain from zooming in on this picture.  My leg was so sore that I didn’t even shave this day…gross, I know.
  21. Thank God I was alone because A.  it didn’t look pretty when I did it and B.  I probably would have for sure started crying if anyone had asked, “are you okay???”.    Looking back I think I forced some air out of my lungs and thought, did I just break my leg?  Total Dale move, I tell ya.  For future reference, don’t try to climb the metal swirly thingy at the park when your shoes are slightly damp.
  22. Then because I am a bit of an anxious person, I worried for the next couple of days that I was going to suffer from a blood clot.
  23. And I will have to cut this short because I am hearing my boys start to wake up from their naps and I promised them some Orange Leaf frozen yogurt when they woke up.
  24. This is also the same place where Henry told someone with Tourette’s Syndrome that she wasn’t going to get any ice cream if she continued screaming…and you know kids, they do not have a quiet voice so really he told all the customers…slightly uncomfortable, but I had just talked to him about not screaming when we were out in public…what are the odds?
  25. Fingers crossed that they have the coconut flavor today…